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Tell the Missouri House leadership: Vote NO on HB 26 -closed, partisan primaries!

Our primary elections are taxpayer funded.
Yet party bosses and insiders want to force voters to join a political party in order to participate.
Sign to tell the Missouri House leadership to respect Missourian's right to choose their representatives and keep our primary elections open!
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No American should be required to join a political party in order to exercise their right to vote.

So why did the Missouri House vote to abolish our current open primary election system in favor of excluding voters who choose not to affiliate with a party from exercising their voice?

Our primary elections are taxpayer funded.

Yet, special interests want to determine who gets a voice in choosing their representation.

This would be a major blow for the people of Missouri!

But it’s not too late. A second vote on HB 26 must pass the House before the bill can move on to the Senate.

Don’t let party bosses and insiders—not people like us—choose our general election candidates.

Sign to protect the right of all voters to vote in our taxpayer funded primaries!

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Dear Representative,

I am writing to strongly oppose HB 26, the closed primary election legislation introduced by Jered Taylor and Dan Stacy.  Thank you for voting no on HB 26 in the first round of floor voting.

This is a bad piece of legislation.  Missourians - Republicans, independents, and Democrats alike - want more democracy, not less.  We want our political leaders to innovate and make good policy, not strip us of our voting rights.  

Mr. Taylor and Mr. Stacy claim that closed primaries make good sense.  “Why would you allow Elks Club members to vote in Rotary Club Elections?”  How misleading!  The Elks and Rotarians don’t use tax dollars to conduct their elections.  Publicly funded and publicly administered elections should be open to all Missouri citizens.  

Most of Missouri elections are determined in the primary. If we adopt closed primaries, it will allow a small percentage of partisans to decide who represents all of us, all the time. How can our elected representatives be expected to lead in such a system?  

For the first time in history, a plurality of Americans — 43 percent — are refusing to join either political party; 50 percent of millennials now identify as independent, according to Pew Research.

HB 26 shuts independents out of Missouri’s political debates.  That’s wrong and will hurt our state. I believe in our open system of elections and I urge you to continue to reject HB 26.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.